Welcome to College Kits Direct, specialist suppliers of student hairdressing kits,beauty kits and makeup. At College Kits Direct, our aim is quite simply to offer the highest levels of customer service, professional quality products, all at very competetive prices.

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This will take you to our dedicated student log in section where you will be able to order your college kit quickly and easilly. You will need the order form given to you by your college in order to log in using the user name and password printed on the top of the form.

Let us quote for your kits

If you are a member of staff at a college/school, We would love to give you a comparisson quotation for your student hairdressing kits and/or beauty kits. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer services, professional quality products and all at very competetive prices. Getting comparisson quotes from us is easy and without any obligation.

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